P1.6 - Stamps

Project 1: Volumetric Models

School: University of Michigan
Class: UG1 (Architectural Design 1)

In the spirit of capturing light (and also testing out the laser cutters on campus), the previous volumetric model was disassembled and taken into digital space to produce a set of models that would better illustrate the concept of light capture. 

The initial step was to document each layer of the previous model by creating ink stamps which would then be traced digitally. The process brought to light many interesting aspects of layer construction such as the effect of staggering changes between layers and the possible outcome of composing layers from various pieces. The possibility of creating a negative of the intended model also presented itself and provided many intriguing moments of light capture, especially when photographed in conjunction to its counterpart. 

The light studies that followed used the dark material of the models to allow the removal of physical mass and focusing only on the aspect of light. The intangible volumes created by the light could then serve as studies on how the painting Grey Tree used degradations of color, texture, and light to create intangible volumes.


  1. Excellent!...how the light goes through the structure and different textures.

  2. fabulous images, carlos pompeo.