P1.5 - Capturing Light

Project 1: Volumetric Model

School: University of Michigan
Class: UG1 (Architectural Design 1)

Ink sections
Ink sections inverted

The Sections 

In order to determine how the volumetric model was to manifest itself, sections were taken of model 1 at even intervals in order to explore what kind of volumes could exists outside of it. In the image Ink sections above, the sections intersect the model where the darkest ink is found. The gradient of ink that then moves to the edges of the paper serves to solidify the possible volumes outside the model. The image Ink sections inverted allows for a reading of the sections that pushes for a different interpretation of the ink, thus freeing my construction from pre-conceived constraints. 

The Model

By using numerous layers of foam I was able to take the ink sections and the light studies from P1.4 to slowly create the voids proposed. The final result was a model that enveloped the intangible volumes within it through a shifting form that lacked a central or axial mass. 

The light studies that followed sought to document the way that light was captured by this mass.

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