P1.2 - Gray Tree Explorational Models

Project 1: Process Models 1

School: University of Michigan
Class: UG1 (Architectural Design 1)

After visiting the painting Gray Tree by Piet Mondrian in an attempt to decipher a possible three dimensional iteration, I've arrived at the following models:

Model 2 Crop

Model 2
Model 2

Model 1 Crop

Model 1
Model 1

     Each explaining the concepts from the images as described on the post "Looking at Gray Tree…" The attempt looked at ways of peeling away layers from the painting and placing them in a composition that describes the possible volumes encountered between the limbs of the tree. As if investigating the volumes of light that appear when sunlight passes through fog  under the shadow of a tree, the models change depending on your point of view; rotationally revealing and concealing layered and volumetric conditions within them. Again, it's only the first iteration…

     In response to this exercise I've discovered that the painting Gray Tree can be seen to have a multilingual composition. The brush strokes, color, changes in texture, lines, and the artist's systems of interpretation provided me with possibilities to create spaces within the models that explored various light conditions and volumetric connections. The painting, within my own exploration, requires me to further develop the models in order to discover the volumes that exists in the perimeter of their respective images. By enclosing more volumes and discovering ways to accurately portray the textures created by the brushstrokes I will expand the scope of the models and move to their second iterations.

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