P1 - Final Review

Project 1 Final Review

School: University of Michigan
Class: UG1 (Architectural Design 1)

     As all good things come to an end, Project 1 finally reached completion. The review experience was absolutely new, placing students from every studio in groups of two and alternating them through the whole pinup space. The idea was to provide a sense of diversity in design for the reviewers and the spectators. As you can see from the image above, I was fourth in line...

     The review concentrated around process and its prominence in my work. The work had various stages of modeling and shadow studies which led to the evolution of my concept. Light and shadow served to discuss the positive and negative forms created and seem to be valuable for my continuing work. Various points about form where discussed, but one in particular caught my attention. One crit mentioned that the inverted sections of the model resembled some sort of light erosion. As if the intensity of light that resided around the dark forms was eating away at the material of the models and thus created a lack of form, or resistance to a particular form. 

     In continuing my work I hope to use the concept of "light erosion" to create interesting forms. Cyanotype paper was also discussed as a possible process to obtain further shadow studies. After some research on cyanotype paper the possibilities seem endless; I'm imagining a model created out of cyanotype paper encased by another model in order to study the internal lighting conditions of the second. But we'll see...

Nonetheless I was relatively pleased with the critique and am looking forward to our next project. From what I hear we will be casting with rockite, a concrete patching compound. I'm looking at Tadao Ando for inspiration in creating interesting light volumes using concrete as my medium. 

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  1. SO so so......NICE.
    I'm so PROUD!!
    And thanks for sharing the comments from critics, very interesting and new concept LIGHT EROSION. I never heard that and makes me so curious. Off course a new search and new way to think about creations for me too.