P1.4 - Shadow Studies

Project 1: Shadow Studies 1

School: University of Michigan
Class: UG1 (Architectural Design 1)

Image A

Model 1

The use of shadow studies provided me with a platform upon which to find new information in the layered volumes of the wire models. By using the contrasts between light and shadow in the images I began to imagine the appearance of a mass that contained one of these models  at its core. 

For Example:
In image A I took model 1 and created this shadow. If the white is considered a solid and the black considered void, you can begin to imagine a mass that contains a flute of void within it.
To better illustrate the topic: to construct my next model I focused on bringing to life the yellow portions of this image.

Model 2

The shadow studies of this model allowed me to venture further into the components of the flute-like void. By looking at the openings suggested by the shadows and the section-like effect of the studies I was able to examine the interior space of this void.

The steps that followed the shadow studies consisted of putting into construction a model that would amalgamate the two voids encountered in the shadow studies. This model was to explore in negative what the wire models sought to expose, the capturing of volumes of light in the painting Gray Tree. The new model would attempt to capture light masses by creating voids within itself and displaying those through another set of shadow studies.

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